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fun dives

Fun Dives - Explore the underwater world of Koh Tao!

Going on Fun Dive couldn’t be easier! Koh Tao has over 20 dive sites around the island. The dive boats leave daily to all these different sites. Divers can expect to enjoy a variety of marine life from the colorful Coral reef and the little cutie Nudibranch to Sea Turtles and Blacktip reef Sharks. Occasionally, there is a chance to encounter the gentle giant, Whale Shark, which is on many divers' lifetime bucket lists.  

Requirements / Preparations 

- Certified Diver

- Scuba Refresher Course is required for divers who have not dived for over 6 months 

Fun Dives

1 dive

THB 1,500 per dive

2 dives

THB 1,200 per dive

4 dives

THB 1,100 per dive

6 dives or more

THB 1,000 per dive

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call: 077-332-49 | 061-608-1988
Facebook: @thedearlydive
IG: @Thedearlydive

Line & whatsapp: +66 61-608-1988


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fun dives

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