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Chalok Baan Kao Bay

Shark Bay

Taa Toh &

Freedom Beach


There are plenty of beaches around our hostel. Most of them are within walking distance.


Chalok Baan Kao Bay : 7 minutes walk 

Taa Toh & Freedom Beach : 20 minutes walk

Shark Bay : 15 minutes walk 

Saan Jao Beach : 10 minutes walk

June Juea Bay : 25 minutes walk

Sairee Beach : 10 minutes by scooter 

Aow Leuk : 10 minutes by scooter

Tanot Bay : 15 minutes by scooter

Sai Daeng Beach : 20 minutes by scooter

Talk to us and we can give you recommendations on what to do for each beach!

The famous photogenic island of Thailand. Koh Nang Yuan is only about 15 minutes boat ride from Koh Tao. It is a very popular destination among our neighbor islands.  

You can enjoy the beach that connects the three little islands together. Here is also a home to the prominent snorkeling and scuba diving sites as well. Lastly, stop at the hilltop viewpoint to take a picture of this photogenic scenery. Do it for your Instagram ;)

How to get to Koh Nang Yuan

  • Daily ferry service Depart 10:30 & Return 13:30 | 16:30

  • Long tail taxi boat

  • Around the Island snorkeling tour 

Note: There is an entrance fee of 100THB / person.

The island closes at 17:00

Koh Nang Yuan

Scuba Diving

The Dearly Dive offers PADI certified courses from Discover Scuba Diving to Open Water and Advanced Open Water. If you already certified, we can also take you out on fun dives and explore over 20 diving sites around the island.  


Koh Tao has the ideal environment to learn scuba diving. With high visibility, mostly calm water,  and warm temperature all year round, it is perfect for beginners to start their course. Additionally, it is one of the least expensive places to get certified!


There are plenty of snorkeling spots around the island. You can grab our free snorkeling gear at the lobby, simply walk to the beach, and you can snorkel right off the shore.

If you want to join other people, you can book "Around the Island" snorkeling tour with us. We work with a few different companies, offering both full day and half day trip.

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