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June: Beach Crawl "Hidden Beach & The Abandoned Resort"


After the success of "Beauty & The Beach" last week, we decided to take our Beach Crawl to Laem Thian again. The hike was about one hour on a dirt track. It was not particularly difficult, but can definitely count it as an exercise!

Here comes the first settlement! Laem Thian is one of the most deserted place located on the east side of the island. The abandoned resort here was closed in 2011, making the beach one of the most quiet beach on the island (until we got there).

The water was crystal clear, making an excellent snorkeling spot where we saw so many fishes swimming in their natural habitat!

One the way back, we also stopped by Shark Bay to snorkel with the turtles! Of course we got too excited with the turtles that we didn't take any picture.

It was a wonderful day after all. Thank you everyone for coming out today.


The Dearly Koh Tao Hostel Team

For more information about Laem Thian, please visit: KOH TAO aComplete Guide

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