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Hostelworld HOSCAR Nomination

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We are so excited to be nominated for The Eco Warrior!

Please cast your vote here: VOTE THE DEARLY

The Dearly is a self-sustaining hostel. We try to incorporate sustainability every step of the way, from how we source the utilities to how we run the operation as well as the activities we offer.

The building was carefully designed to be energy-efficient, considering the source of natural sunlight, the ventilation, and the direction of the wind. The hostel has solar panels and a water treatment system facility on site. By background the infrastructures on the island are not ideal. Most properties are using diesel generators to produce electricity. We decided to invest in solar panels so we can produce our own electricity from the sun. For water, we have a large storage tank located under the building to collect rain and underground water. Then it goes through a filtering system to be used throughout the property. Then the wasted water is being treated again before recycling it for gardening.

For operations, besides the waste management and recycling system, we use sustainable materials for decorations. For example, we made Christmas tree out of cardboard boxes as well as tree branches. We also want to create a green community within the hostel. Besides organizing beach cleanup, during our signature Beach Crawl activity, we would always have a trash bag with us. Whenever we see litter, we would / encourage our guests to collect it and bring it back to the hostel. With our scuba diving school, we can do ocean cleanup as well as educating our guest about the ecosystem around the island.

Being in a resort location like us, making sustainable as a way of life is the right thing to do and the best way forward.


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